Current Exhibition: ASSORTMENT X

9 January - 3 February

Tom Henderson - Priscilla Purcell - Lara Scobie - Forest+Found - Thurle Wright - Jude Tucker - Kazuhito Takadoi - Lucas Ferreira - Valeria Nascimento - Alison Gautrey - Dido Crosby - Paul Sch├╝tze - Juliet and Jamie Gutch

Forthcoming Exhibition: In Between

7 February - 2 March

Tom Henderson - Jorge Sarsale - Lara Scobie - Rachel Shaw Ashton

Ceramics and works on paper

Sometimes what is not shown is more evocative. Shadows or patterns seen through interstices take prominence and the eye moves away from the obvious.
Ceramic and works on paper that play with our perception.

Forthcoming Exhibition: Collect: The International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects

22 February - 25 February

Presented by the Crafts Council at the Saatchi Gallery.

For the fourth year, jaggedart will be exhibiting a fabulous array of works.