More than Words

More than Words

16 May - 16 June 2012


Text – script – font – language – writing – prose – poetry – expression

Sara J Beazley – Jeremy May - Maria Noel – Francisca Prieto – Priscilla Purcell – Matthew Rose – Patricia SwannellThurle Wright

To celebrate two hundred years since the birth of Charles Dickens in February 1812 as well as the birth of Edward Lear in May the same year, More Than Words explores the relationship with words and art. This exhibition shows work by eight artists whose practice responds to different aspects of language and expression.

Sara J Beazley adopts motifs from vintage postcards, calligraphy and postage stamps found in antique markets in Asia and Europe. ‘Found’ phrases and images are united in these elegant prints, recapturing a historical setting with a contemporary sensibility. Sara combines heritage colours with brighter tones and creamy whites. Racing green is overlaid with vivid yellow or a flamboyant pink