1 November - 24 November 2012

Katherine JonesKazuhito Takadoi

Trees reach out to the sky, roots embrace the ground, a bridge between two worlds

Private View: Wednesday 31 October

Shadowlands draws together new work by Katherine Jones and Kazuhito Takadoi, exploring light and shadow through exquisite prints and three dimensional works made from grass, twigs and woods. Trees, branches and their shadows are integral, either as material or as content, bridging the natural and man-made.

Katherine Jones has created a new body of work following her series of prints depicting a recurrent structure, which is simultaneously protected and stifled by the surrounding forest. In these new prints the viewer is shown strange landscapes of a child’s playground. Katherine sees the playground as a place of shelter; a playful environment where a child is protected from the outside. This is reflected in the strong use of colour, enlivening and radiating from otherwise dark and macabre prints. Katherine uses traditional forms of printmaking combined with drawing, watercolour as well as three dimensional works.

Threads of branches spread across the page, while whole parts of the playgrounds are rearranged; sections don’t connect as one would expect, giving the impression that the artist returns to the same place time and time again, and stitches these memories t