Still Dark: In the depth of winter, obscurity transforms

Still Dark: In the depth of winter, obscurity transforms

31 January - 2 March 2013

Lucy Bainbridge, Helen Cass, Sally Haworth, Jason Hicklin, Tom Henderson, Rachel Shaw Ashton, Patricia Swannell

Lucy Bainbridge captures the changing skyline of London in her new series of screenprints on graphite. They depict an instant, not just of London today, but at the very moment that the light rises or falls over the city. Each day there is a unique viewpoint different aspects of a building are illuminated or cast into darkness. The newly built Shard, elegant but uncompromising is depicted here with great subtlety. Battersea Power Station, about to embark on new era as a residential development, is shown emerging through the mist of the Thames. Lucy graduated from Camberwell and has exhibited with jaggedart since 2010 as well as recently exhibiting in Kyoto.

Helen Cass describes how her work draws “from the habit and repetitive structures of daily life, yet refrains from the dreary repetitions of habit and look toward the profound repetitions of memory.” Helen works with folded and layered materials with increasing subtlety. In earlier work folded swathes of linens and cottons were replicated across their stretchers. Helen has developed ideas of working with repetition and brings the inherent nature of the materials to the foreground. The paper is quilted and collaged; remarkably evocative layered bold monotone pages, creating repeated forms in both texture and composition. “I enjoy the idea of toiling hard, using a time-consuming, repeated activity in order to make something that is barely there or hardly visible… there at the threshold of invisibility, one toils to see.”

Sally Haworth has created a series of paintings entitled Light in darkness which explores the exquisite qualities of light, majesty and monumentality of landscape forms, ranging from the Northern Hebrides to London’s Hampstead Heath. In the midst of darkness, shafts of radiant light clothe voluptuous natural forms, defining their beauty and highlighting the grandeur and delicacy of the natural world. Meticulously rendered in acrylic and watercolour on panels of aluminium, these small, intimate works combine the techniques of painting, photography and printmaking to produce jewel-like, intense images evoking a profound sense of the precious. Wilderness is a series of photographs that seeks to convey the beauty of nature while simultaneously highlighting the increasing fragility of a rapidly diminishing natural realm.

Tom Henderson’s wall based sculptures are dark and elegant and combine an unusually high level of understated detail for works on this large scale. Continuing to work with contemporary materials, including Perspex