Dark Matter

Dark Matter

6 February - 1 March 2014

During these Winter days, jaggedart draws together an exhibition of inspiring and beautiful works which respond to nature and notions of memory.

Lynn Dennison - Jason Hicklin - Tom Henderson - Brenda Hoffman - Stuart Redler - Rachel Shaw Ashton - Patricia Swannell

Lynn Dennison creates installations with bright digital projections which glide over the sculptural forms of paper dresses. Woodland landscapes are cut into and collaged. Lynn explores the decorative, symbolic and emotional qualities of clothing and its powers to attract, disguise and defend. Her paper sculptures are inspired by personal memories as well as more universal experiences of fate, fortune and change. Overlapping branches appear like lace and paperchains of little girls dance around the hems of the skirts. There is an element of the surreal as trees grow from inside vacant garments, in place of the wearer. Translucent paper and wire court shoes, are embellished with scales, like the shoes for a mermaid, she could never wear. Lynn is a finalist in 'Sculpture Shock ' at the Royal British Society of Sculptors 2014.

Jason Hicklin depicts rugged landscapes where the wind and the tide carve the landscape. Jason draws with graphite on paper, with the dark sweeping appearance of charcoal sketches. The marks evoke the pull of the tide or a torrent of wind through these majestic landscapes. Jason uses an infinite vocabulary of grey to describe these desolate and stony places. Sketching on site, Jason captures the last moments of daylight or with the half light of dawn and these drawings become the source material for the large graphite drawings and prints created in his studio. Jason studied at Central St. Martin's College of Art where he was a student of the renowned printmaker, Norman Ackroyd. He was elected Member Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (R.E.) in 1993. Jason has been the Head of Printmaking at City & Guilds London Art Scho