In Black and White - Rachel Shaw Ashton - Lucas Ferreira

In Black and White - Rachel Shaw Ashton - Lucas Ferreira

1 October - 24 October 2015

Tiny hand cut birds and fragile ceramic fragments meticulously gathered creating ethereal yet substantial compositions

An exhibition of black, white and grey works by Rachel Shaw Ashton and Lucas Ferreira. Using almost contrasting materials – ceramic and paper - the works reveal opulence yet fragility, permanence yet movement, being ephemeral and substantial at the same time.

Rachel’s figurative pieces with forms soaring, jumping or flying across the surface counterpoint Lucas’s abstract and geometric calculated and solid compositions. The use of black or white signifies a difference, a new perspective with which to view the work. Shadows, rhythms, contrast, control and freedom dialogue.

Rachel Shaw Ashton hand cuts figures and forms from watercolour paper that is spray-painted. White, black or grey on white, each separate piece of meticulously cut paper is grouped together to form a stunning three-dimensional piece. Shadows between and behind each paper form create a dramatic tension. Despite the intensely laborious process of cutting each shape by hand, Rachel’s works have a fluid energy. Some works are calm; others are frenzied as the separate cuttings sweep up into one greater scenario. In some works, Rachel conveys a sense of realisation through the stirring of movement and in others a feeling of things being static and resigned.

“I like to show figures in unusual poses caught in a split second of time. For example bodies flying or jumping representing freedom of spirit, joy or fearlessness and in contrast, I also lik