SOFA LONDON at Olympia Art and Antiques Fair

SOFA LONDON at Olympia Art and Antiques Fair

28 June - 3 July 2016

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stand 44 at Gallery Level, next to Mosimann's Summer Bar and Bistro

The FINANCIAL TIMES has featured our artists in this fabulous article

JUNE 25 2016
A sense of the fragility of nature seems to unite the sculptures being sold at SOFA London, the Sculpture Objects Functional Art and Design Fair. Dedicated to three-dimensional art and design, SOFA is the internationally acclaimed design fair that has been running in Chicago since 1994, focusing on one-off artworks that cross boundaries of fine art, decorative art and design. Now it has arrived in London to give a breath of fresh air to the Olympia Art & Antiques Fair (Monday June 27 to Sunday July 3).

Exquisitely crafted sculptures made from such simple materials as grass and wood shavings rely on sophisticated craftsmanship. Many revive an aesthetic from centuries ago. Kazuhito Takadoi, for instance, makes sculptures out of grass and wood that hang like blossoms, recalling 18th-century watercolours of Japanese trees (Nai 2, £2,900, fourth picture, and Shimo, £2,600). Over time the green stalks in his works change to gold and then finally go white – nature, like us, they seem to say, is in a permanent state of transformation.

Equally charming in their fragility are mobiles (£750-£950) by Juliet and Jamie Gutch, made of elm or sapele wood. Floating like autumnal leaves, their work is so restful that it is not surprising it has bee