9 March - 25 March 2017

Monica Fierro - Livia MarinJorge Sarsale – Rachel Wickremer

A thread….
runs through the whole course of something, connecting successive parts…

Fine filaments of paper or yarn are intertwined, arranged or embroidered in a gradual, time absorbing process. The thread, sometimes hidden, sometimes anticipated, becomes the skeleton of a work. Its absence, suggests the piecing together, the next step in the creative process. At other times, its appearance constructs and adds layers of new meanings and depth.

Monica Fierro embroiders yellowed pages from old books. She chooses only their first pages, where there is no text and which, as a blank canvas, open up to innumerable imaginary journeys. Her meticulous and minuscule stitching, in soft pastel colours, present a discourse of an unknown language. Tiny holes accompany this foreign calligraphy, creating, like Braille, a textured visual landscape. The series “Pages blown away by the Wind”, invite the viewer to imagine his own story. Alongside these, laboriously rolled up coloured pages are amalgamated into small sculptures. Depending how they are positioned, these Assemblages recall dinosaurs, tractors, machinery or unfathomable creatures whose paper vertebrae are joined by an invisible chord. Her pages “become places behind the scenes or even true scenarios, where the characters, suddenly appear, have a dialogue and leave, depending on the story I want to tell”. Monica Fierro was born in Cordoba, Argentina and lives in Buenos Aires. She has exhibited extensively in Argentina and with jaggedart since 2012.

Livia Marin is a London-based Chilean artist whose work has been characterised throughout by large-scale installations and the appropriation of mass-produced and mass-consumed ob