• 19/12/2016

    Andrea Harari - Interview on Chinese Network CNC News

    Christmas is approaching, and London’s streets are filled with colorful bells, snowflakes, elks, and glowing lanterns; creating a romantic atmosphere for the festive season.
    For this occasion, jaggedart gallery opened its doors for its special Christmas exhibition, presenting a wide range of specially selected handmade and unique gifts that are a pure delight for many people.

    For almost two years, curator Andrea Harari has visited artists around the world, collecting all kinds...

  • 25/11/2016

    Ricardo Cinalli was interviewed by Clarin about his Solo Show ‘A Ravishing Muse’ at jaggedart

    By Maria Laura Avignolo

    Provocative installation in London

    Ricardo Cinalli -The Argentinian that exhibits fake Picassos

    The artist, based in London since 1973, has “copied” fifteen works by the Spanish Master

    Pablo Picasso’s line of works has succumbed to the unattainable. His works can only be seen and admired in museums or in ultra private collections; some are even permanently locked behind the doors of Geneva’s airport’s ‘free zone’, as an investment, reaching...