• 26/02/2012

    Francisca Prieto featured in Uppercase

    There is something magic about paper; it is hard to point out something specific, though it is probably the endless possibilities that it offers... It all starts with a blank page!

    Over the years I have been collecting a variety of things made of paper and those things inspire me, from old tickets and catalogues to vintage ledger books and all kind of unusual finds. Each has something fascinating about them, the colours, texture, concept or simply because they make me smile. I choose...

  • 15/10/2011

    Francisca Prieto's Unbound exhibition at jaggedart featured in The Week

    Paper us usually folded by the very bored or the japanese, but Francisca Prieto, a Chilean artist, has turned it into a radical vehicle for such high-minded issues as the Fibonacci sequence, Shakespeare and an analysis of the lifestyle of women in 1874.