• 20/06/2010

    Kazuhito Takadoi - Shizuka in The Portland Magazine

    Nature’s collage

    Hand-picked twigs, leaves and blades of grass sewn through handmade Japanese washi paper make up the three-dimensional collages on display at jaggedart. Kazuhito Takadoi is a horticulture and art graduate who was born in Nagoya, Japan, where he was surrounded by rich woodland.

  • 20/08/2009

    Profile of jaggedart in The Marylebourne Journal

    Andrea Harari of jaggedart takes us on a tour of her Devonshire Street Gallery.

    Tells us about jaggedart

    jaggedart was founded in 2001 by me and Janeen Haythornthwaite. We came from different areas in the art world and both felt that people visiting art galleries often feel intimidated. We set up our first place in Westbourne Studios. along the lines of a gallery storeroom where people could freely browse and discover art for themselves. We moved to Marylebone in 2005.