Spring Exhibition

Spring Exhibition

24 March - 29 April 2006

Wendy Anderson; Julie Cockburn; Sinje Dillenkofer; Sharon Elphick; Paul Hart; Sally Haworth; Charlotte Hodes; Helen Ireland; Joumana Mourad; Susie Needham; Cyril Olanier; Stuart Redler

A vibrant selection of paintings, photographs and works on paper by gallery and guest artists are on display.

Joumana Mourad’s sensual tulips transport us to the warmth and exuberance of the Mediterranean.

Sharon Elphick has photographed hundreds of flowers and plants in Kew Gardens. She cuts out every petal, leaves and stems from the photographs and assembles them in unique collages which are reminiscent of Victorian art works.

Deep red roses emerge from dense green in Cyril Olanier’s paintings whilst flowers and butterflies burst out from gardening books in the intriguing works by Julie Cockburn.

Sinje Dillenkofer uses photography to get to the heart of the flowers. In the depth of the forest, Paul Hart’s camera captures the interaction of trees and light. No cameras are needed for the ghostly traces in Susie Needham’s photograms, where the flowers act as their own negative.

Helen Ireland simplifies the forms of plants, cutting to reveal the patterns and beauty of the shapes. Wendy Anderson’s subtle paintings focus on branches and their budding new spring life.

In our window are ceramics by Charlotte Hodes. The works are made by using Spode ware, decorated by Charlotte with images taken from the factory’s archive of copper engravings, some of those are 200 years old. These are reworked by Charlotte to create exciting new imagery on the pieces.