Summer Dreaming

Summer Dreaming

19 May - 24 June 2006

Beautiful and bewildering works evocative of the strange encounters inspired by dream.

Julie Cockburn - Mílá Judge-Fürstova - Sylvia Libedinsky - Lino Mannocci - Zara Matthews - Basia Sokolowska - Barbara Strasen - Thierry van Biesen - Dodi Wexler

The works of Julie Cockburn revolve around the idea of found materials; books, maps, magazines and illustrations are cut and manipulated to give a new surprising three dimensional view.

Mílá Judge-Fürstova is a print maker. She was born in the Czech Republic and her work draws on Eastern European tradition. The “Intangible” works combine an overlaying image of a blindfold girl with background scenery.

Sylvia Libedinsky’s characters crop up as 3-d installations, cartoons, books, animations and illustrations. During summer dreaming our whole scene of faces occupy our window space.

Lino Mannocci’s postcards from summer travels only suggest clues to their original locations. Meticulous painting conceals and reveals the secrets of place.

Zara Matthews paintings are worked in series in which the similar features initially stand out. Closer examination, however, reveals the differences, often subtle, sometimes slightly sinister and disquieting. In the Bride paintings on display the veil suggest the hidden, the disguised and unknown.

The photographs of Basia Sokolowska are inspired by the rich and layered symbolism of C17th still life paintings. The intricate and curious constructions of everyday objects include fragments of images if Old Master paintings.

Barbara Strasen’s lenticulars focus on connections between disparate images, inspired by the jumble revolving around in our brains at any given moment.

Thierry van Biesen’s vivid, dramatic photography are laden with colour and engaging yet often bizarre imagery.

Intricate cutting, pasting and stitching form the basis of the works by Dodi Wexler. Stamps, wool, paper and a variety of materials interact in these complex and intriguing pieces.