Charlie Murphy: The Longing of Shadows

Charlie Murphy: The Longing of Shadows

15 November - 9 December 2007

New photographic and hand drawn glass work

Charlie Murphy creates ghostly, evocative work using glass, light and photography. Referencing early 'photogenic' drawings by Fox Talbot and the uncanny manipulations of 'trompe l'oeil', her highly atmospheric images present mysterious gothic spectres of longing and desire.

Including prints from her 'Cut Glass' and 'Plant Harlotry' series, this dramatic collection of photograms present sumptuous plays of light and shadow amongst verdant foliage.

Murphy has transformed the photogram into a unique theatrical process, using exaggerated scales and dazzling explosions of refraction across a grand cinematic format.

Exploring romantic and spatial relationships of glass and plant life, each image represents a diagrammatic record of this refractive performance.

In complement to these images, Charlie's delicate, hand-drawn glass installations celebrate the extraordinarily expressive features of plant life at its most audacious and vibrant.

Inspired by Carl Linnaeus's famously inaccurate 'Sexual System' of plant classification, these exuberant sculptures investigate some elaborate displays of a variety of plant forms through hand-drawn, lamp-worked glass.