Sara J Beazley: Ways of Seeing

Sara J Beazley: Ways of Seeing

13 September - 6 November 2007

Since graduating with a Masters from Camberwell College of Art in 2002, Sara J Beazley has emerged as one of Britain's key printmakers with her unique and refined style fusing drawing and photography. Marrying old with new, Sara employs traditional printing techniques such as etching, drypoint, embossing and screen-printing to produce contemporary images. Her works capture a delicacy and subtle beauty of line, pattern and palette.

Juxtaposing columns and volutes from Roman and Greek Antiquity with fine patterned fabrics and elements of the figure, Sara's work is refined and sensitive. The carefully composed layers of ink amalgamate to produce remarkably sophisticated images - the closer you look more layers and imagery are revealed.

Sara looks beyond the everyday and presents it in a more evocative and colourful vision. Her prints aim to challenge and facilitate a change in reaction to everyday objects that might have otherwise gone unnoticed, yet the exhibition as a whole examines the different ways in which individuals view the same object. The works hanging in the intimate space of jaggedart are installed in the style of the frieze.

Sara has secured high profile commissions including works for Selfridges and Coco Ribbon, London. She has shown at several international Art Fairs, and exhibited in New York, Miami, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul and London. In addition, Sara won the London Print Studio Award for Large Blue Bag, exhibited at the National Print Exhibition, Mall Galleries, 2002 and the Daler Rowney Award of Excellence, Coningsby Gallery, 2004.