Claire Brewster: Wildlife

Claire Brewster: Wildlife

12 November - 6 December 2008

An installation of beautiful and intricate cut out birds and flowers from old atlas pages inhabit jaggedart in Claire Brewster's first solo exhibition.

In her works, birds, flowers and insects are de-constructed from old maps. Having trained in Constructed Textiles at Middlesex Polytechnic, she treats old maps as fabric to create an invented flora and fauna of a place.

A Humming Bird or a Swallow is silhouetted from masses of water and land, with lines signaling latitudes, longitudes and exact geographical locations. But origin and location does not seem to matter as her creatures appear to want to break free from the confines of the frame, to migrate to faraway lands.

Delicate, Intricate, detailed cut out shapes emerge resembling elaborate lace or tapestries. Thus, ideas of freedom, that anyone can travel and stay wherever they like, as a current political reality as well as issues of biodiversity, the migration of foreign species and the consequent damage to the environment underlie her beautiful works.