Stuart Redler: Rajasthan

Stuart Redler: Rajasthan

17 September - 11 October 2008

The photographs of Rajasthan have been taken during Stuart Redler's latest trip to India's largest state, which includes the Thar Desert. The desert's constant intense light and its starkness reminded Redler of the numerous deserts and arid locations he has visited all over the world in the past.

However, Rajasthan takes on a different dimension. Dust and heat are cast over its magnificent forts; elephants, cows and camels wonder around on the high street; whole families ride on two seated mopeds; trucks drive down motorways the wrong way.

Stuart was particularly interested in the various forms of transport. Cars are outnumbered by Tuk-tuks, bicycles, trucks and any form of vehicle on which people cram inside or hang off. Goods are transported on all variety of vehicles which are invariably overloaded and taking on amusing appearances, resembling caterpillars or birds nest.

The enormous wealth of activities taking place in Rajasthan's scorching sun makes for endless visual possibilities. As John Lennon once said 'Reality leaves a lot to the imagination'.

Stuart Redler started his career in advertising, but now specialises in fine art photography. He has received many awards, including six from the Association of Photographers and from Graphis, PDN and Communication Arts among others. His works are also appearing in numerous private collections, as well as in permanent collections like the National Portrait Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.