Patrick Guedj - Kid Acne: Night Birds

Patrick Guedj - Kid Acne: Night Birds

7 November - 12 November 2011

Patrick Guedj

Patrick Guedj, photographer and Artistic Director of Kenzo Parfums and British Graffiti Artist Kid Acne collaborate in a photography and graffiti exhibition at jaggedart.

A photographer…

Shooting the dark, the artificial, the moving. Images in colour dispersed by unpredictable halos. Handling the imprecise and capturing the sensations of the night. All over the globe, in electric cities, rural areas void of light, deserts by campfire. Composing with residual light, breathing sparingly, to stay motionless. Flying images, wedged against makeshift stands.
The cinema lights of the backstreets of Paris, the red and green of Chinatowns, the meagre lighting in shanty towns, Tananarive, Veracruz, Mexico, the all-powerful neons in South-East Asia, the glow of fire, the single lost source, magnifying the men of the desert in Libya and Niger, faces half-eaten by the darkness, shifting silhouettes, fragmented colours, arrogant signs, intense misery, happiness and misfortune pushed to their extreme truth. Photographing, sometimes protected by the night, more often weakened and excited.

A graffiti artist…

Intervening, changing the meaning of images, giving them a new lease of life. A touch of poetry, a witty, affectionate, caustic or tender eye. Adding a detail or repainting the entire piece. Using the image as a springboard, telling a multi-faceted story, offered to the spectator like an incomplete motif they are invited to interpret. Assisting the image or retaliating, completing it or making fun of it. Enter the visual world of Kid Acné and his subversive art. Infused with generous, poetic beauty, it brings a smile to your face.
Birds fly at night, inebriated.