jaggedart at PINTA London, The Modern and Contemporary Latin American Art Show, Earls Court, London 4-7 June 2013, stand A45

jaggedart at PINTA London, The Modern and Contemporary Latin American Art Show, Earls Court, London 4-7 June 2013, stand A45

4 June - 7 June 2013

jaggedart is delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at PINTA London, for the second time.

We will be showcasing new work by four artists, Ivana Brenner (Argentina), Ricardo Cinalli (Argentina), Livia Marin (Chile) and Francisca Prieto (Chile). If you would like invitations, please contact the gallery at info@jaggedart.com

Week 3 June, jaggedart will be open by appointment only

Ivana Brenner creates ornate and elegant installations which respond to ideas of the origins of life. Ivana has developed a technique of working with ‘petals’ of solidified paint which look like ceramic organisms or flowers. Growing and extruding from the corner of the wall like a fungus which entends from floor to ceiling, her refined installations have an enduring beauty. The inverted tones between each element of the diptych, embody a sense of harmony and balance in these more embelished works. Ivana lives and works in Buenos Aires and exhibits internationally. PINTA London will be Ivana’s first time exhibiting in the UK.

Ricardo Cinalli is an Argentinean artist based in London, who creates timeless drawings and paintings of human and natural forms, fusing his contemporary practice with a distinctive neo-Classical style. Ricardo has exhibited at jaggedart since its inception as well as exhibiting internationally. At PINTA, jaggedart will exhibit Ricardo’s first new work since the in depth retrospective exhibition of his work in Trieste, Italy, entitled La Metafora el Perturbante.’ In these new works, Les Fleurs du Mal, layers of painted cobalt blue tulips and roses jostle against each other, as if gasping for light. In The Desgarro II, a painting of a tatooed Christ, prostrate on the cross embodies several themes which are prevalent throughout Ricardo's work, namely sex, death, love and religion. Ricardo has worked on several major commissions including a vast fresco in the new Capella e Chiessa di Santa Maria della Misericordia, Terni, Umbria, Italy, in 2008. He has work in major public and private collections around the world.

jaggedart is presenting two new bodies of work from Chilean artist Livia Marin which both make reference to an antique technique of ceramic restoration that used gold lacquer. Livia stitches over a studio-like photograph in gold thread, to complete the missing fragments of the depicted object, drawing together ideas of loss and care, beauty and ruin. In the Soft Toys series, second-hand ‘cuddly toys’ are covered in successive layers of plaster and gesso and the final layer, gilded. In this process the objects lose definition so that their presence oscillates between the familiar and the unfamiliar. Engaging with memory on aspects of remembering and reconstructing, although the objects ‘look familiar’ it’s not possible to recognise them with total certainty. Livia trained in Chile before completing her masters at Goldsmiths College, London and has exhibited internationally.

Francisca Prieto deconstructs and reworks carefully selected damaged rare illustrated books and periodicals folding the pages into modular structures to expose the images. The continuing series Between Folds combines this technique, with her continued fascination in typography, so that the symbol apparent in each work, relates to the subject matter of the source material. Francisca creates a narrative both in the structures used and the conceptual connections through the selections of images and text. In Francisca’s new work for PINTA, Between Folds / Botanical (b/w), the artist presents the folded pages in the shape of a letter ‘F’ to evoke the form of a flower. Between Folds / British Birds is a diptych in which two geometric shapes overlap, interpreted in two complementary ways. The different folds and delicate hand-coloured wood engravings have been arranged so as to balance each other out. Between Folds / Sheet Music; Underscore is made from a diverse selection of sheet music, dating from the early1900s. Scores from operas and ballets, piano and trumpets overlap and dance together. The piece is surrounded by an antique frame commissioned from globally regarded picture framers, The House of Heydenryk.

Ricardo Cinalli will launch and sign his book The Uncanny as Metaphor at the jaggedart gallery stand at PINTA London, on Thursday 6 June 2013 at 6:30 pm.

New frontier of Art Publishing: The Revolutionary Catalogue of Contemporary Art Hypermedia based on Augmented Reality. This monograph was created to accompany Ricardo Cinalli’s major retrospective exhibition La Metafora del Perturbante, in Trieste, which ran from 23 March to 2 May 2013. The publication is a full colour 288 page book, with over 400 images, including photos and films accessed through innovative digital multimedia content. The Uncanny as Metaphor is available in both English and Italian. Critical essays by Edward Lucie-Smith, Sanda Miller, Patricia Rizzo and Alessandro Tusset, explore the themes which Cinalli has consistently developed for over 40 years, painting an evocative and powerful vision of contemporary artist. Cinalli’s central themes of religion, love, eros, death, and the dimension of time, are explored both symbolically and metaphorically. Cinalli is known for working with two distinctive techniques. By using pastels on layers of tissue paper, made his work immediately identifiable and highly original. He is also known for his use of scale. Frescoes blend with the architecture of spaces available or specially created for them. Ricardo Cinalli is an artist who conceives monumental works, originating from the canons of the Italian Renaissance tradition. He is a versatile painter, who refers to both the legacy of Italian painting and his experience as a stage designer. Edward Lucie Smith, describes Cinalli as one of the most important contemporary monumental painters. In both cases, the monumental scale and Renaissance mythologies are masterfully reinterpreted in a very personal and extremely contemporary way. The book The Uncanny as Metaphor as well as introducing us to fascinating artistic universe Cinalli, it also represents a new technological breakthrough in the field of publishing, with the ability to access hypermedia content easily accessible with the use of smartphones, iphones, ipads and tablets, entering the so-called "[AR] - Augmented Reality".

For details about visiting PINTA London, please go to www.pintaart.com

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