Summertime, part I

Summertime, part I

19 June - 27 July 2013

A selection of exciting works to celebrate the spirit of summer

Sara J Beazley - Ivana Brenner - Ricardo Cinalli - Melanie Goemans - Juliet and Jamie Gutch - Tom Henderson - Charlotte Hodes - Kristof Jeney - Katherine Jones - Livia Marin - Kathleen Mullaniff - Francisca Prieto - Rachel Shaw Ashton - Wycliffe Stutchbury - Patricia Swannell - Kazuhito Takadoi - Jude Tucker - Thurle Wright

The jaggedart Summer Party celebrates the opening of our new exhibition Summertime. We will exhibit beautiful works celebrating summer, inspired by the changing beauty of nature. The exhibition includes a range of materials including intriguing ceramic works, seemingly weightless mobiles, hand carved stone, new wall based sculptures, new media works, grass and gold left, paintings, prints and collages.

We are delighted to introducing the work of three new artists to the gallery in this exhibition

Ivana Brenner is an Argentinean artist who creates organic installation using solidified and enamelled paint. jaggedart showcased Ivana Brenner’s work this year at PINTA, The Modern and Contemporary Latin American Art Show.

Melanie Goemans is a print maker and painter whose elegant linear work celebrates delicate and fleeting moments in nature.

Kristof Jeney creates poignant works using photography, film and sculpture. Kristof will be exhibiting two unique and allegorical digital portraits of flowers using timelapse photography.