Lost in Landscape

Lost in Landscape

19 October - 11 November 2017

Carlos Gómez Centurión – Jason Hicklin - Domenico Pugliese

Vast landscapes engulf the artists as they create on-site dramatic and atmospheric photographs, paintings and drawings

Carlos Gómez Centurión is an Argentinean artist who was raised at the feet of the Andes. The mountains have become part of his essence. From his studio windows he can witness the immensity of the landscape, the ever-changing colours of the mountains and the valley below. On mules and with a team of professionals of diverse disciplines including a filmmaker, a poet and geologists, Carlos has gone up the Colorado River to develop an artistic multidisciplinary project. He stretches the canvases on the salt lake, and accompanied by the wind, sun and stars, he conveys the vastness of the territory. The premise is to paint the site, immersed in the site. The hills have a will of their own. The winds, the unbearable heat, the intense cold, the dryness of the air, become the beating pulse of the mountain. Minerals and paint also become part of the work, translating with ochre, brown, gold, blue and green the richness of the mountain above.

Jason Hicklin depicts the costal landscape of Britain, weathered and battered by storms, then resting calmly in the aftermath. Jason creates a remarkably painterly quality with this work with the use of graphite. The movement of the graphite across the paper evokes the buffeting winds fighting over the landscape. His works are highly dramatic, drawing in the viewer into tempestuous landscapes. An accomplished printmaker, his etched landscapes are imbued with an atmospheric materiality. Jason studied at St Martins College followed by the Central School of Art. He was elected to the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers in 1993 and is currently the Head of Printmaking at the City and Guilds of London Art School.

Domenico Pugliese’s photographs focus mainly on social documentary and reportage. He travels the world collecting stories with his camera. Whether the “Awa-Guaja,” the last and only nomad tribe that has been discovered in the Brazilian Amazon to portraits of personalities, his works approach his subjects in a personal and revealing way. A journey through the Pan-American Highway from Mexico to Tierra del Fuego, taught him how to approach, tease, praise and look after photographic human subjects. Domenico has photographed extensively for the Sunday Times and some of his portraits include Emilia Fox, Gary Hume, Patrick Stewart, Neymarr and Cheryl Blair, amongst other. But it is his portraits of the unknown, anonymous characters that candidly reveal unspoken human stories and invite the viewer to imagine other lives. Photographs of the Andes and the salt lakes in South America are included in the show, where the presence of a lost figure or vehicle can only glimpse the vastness and solitude of the engulfing landscape.