Collect: The International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects -

Collect: The International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects -

22 February - 25 February 2018

Presented by the Crafts Council at the Saatchi Gallery.

For the fourth year, jaggedart will be exhibiting a fabulous array of works.

Branches of willow are interwoven, growing into sculptural forms in Laura Ellen Bacon’s works. Lucas Ferreira’s small hand crafted fragments of ceramic are joined together to form abstract woven textiles. Juliet and Jamie Gutch’s wooden mobiles with fabric are in perfect balance, they glance past each other, always intending to, but never touching. Alison Gautrey’s porcelain vessels in black and white echo cosmic matter. Charlotte Hodes' stunning vases evoke classical forms with a contemporary twist. Jeremy May’s unique pieces of jewellery, cut, layered and painted from pages of old books, are nestled in the book from whence it came. Valeria Nascimento’s porcelain pieces in black, grey and white depict a myriad of flora. Inspired by the rich woodland surrounding his birthplace, Kazuhito Takadoi’s organic grass and twigs 3 dimensional pieces are opulent yet minimal. Jude Tucker's stone sculptures depict organic shapes that celebrate the ephemeral beauty of nature, translating them into an immutable form.

jaggedart will also present a Collect Spotlight with Rainforest by Valéria Nascimento. Rainforest is an immersive installation arranged as a large mobile of thin lines of tiny petals, flowers, seeds and branches which will hang from ceiling to floor, playing with shadows and the soothing sounds of porcelain.

Photo: Jake Curtis, art direction: Hana Al Sayed, courtesy of the Crafts Council. Below: Porcelain installation by Valéria Nascimento (detail).