Alliance | Exchange - Patricia Swannell | Kazuhito Takadoi

Alliance | Exchange - Patricia Swannell | Kazuhito Takadoi

10 October - 2 November 2019

Private View: Monday 14 October

A collaboration and conversation between Patricia Swannell and Kazuhito Takadoi where they challenge, provoke, emulate and combine their ideas, materials and style to create unique new works.

In April this year, Patricia Swannell and Kazuhito Takadoi were invited to Sharjah in the UAE for research and to give a workshop with local artisans. The experience unexpectedly turned into a close collaboration where both artists shared their techniques, thinking processes and making. In spite of each artist having their own distinct language and works, the result was an inspiring dialogue and understanding of each other’s creativity and production. Although their works are so different, the artists share a rapport with the natural world, using and being inspired by organic materials and approaching their practice in a measured, serene and detailed way.

After that enriching experience, jaggedart invited Patricia and Kazuhito to work together for a second exhibition at the gallery, but this time creating works jointly. The result of this close collaboration will present surprising works that will no doubt be a celebration of nature and alliances.

Each one of the artists will present their own works, some reflecting the skills they have learned working together. There will also be around five works that will be made together. For the joint pieces, each artist will start the work and then it will be adapted according to instructions from the other artist, or passed on to the other artist to complete. Thus, print, painting, drawings will be sewn, embroidered or constructed.

Kazuhito's work has been recently purchased by the V&A Museum and is now on display at the Toshiba Gallery of Japanese Art.