Lines + Crossings

Lines + Crossings

10 January - 2 February 2019

Join Carlos Gómez Centurión on Tuesday 29 January from 6 to 8 pm to discuss the works

Laura Ellen Bacon - Danielle Creenaune - Lucas Ferreira - Forest + Found -
Carlos Gómez Centurión - Soojin Kang - Kazuhito Takadoi -

A drawing is simply a line going for a walk. … Paul Klee

Minute ink lines meander across a vast canvas covered in a brownish ochre wax. Blades of green grasses overcross each other and are sewn into the paper. Threads of willow and raw silk are interwoven and crisscrossed creating organic shapes. Ceramic fragments are juxtaposed emerging as topographies.
Cultures cross each other, Japanese,Argentinean, Korean, British. Artists bring their own lines and cross reference them with art from the past and other cultures. In Gomez Centurion’s works, there is a homage to Hokusai and his 36 views from Mount Fuji. A reference to the crossing of the Andes and liberation of Argentina, Chile and Peru. Lines + Crossings invites the viewer to a walk delineated by ink, pencil, threads and more, conjuring a journey through time and materials.