Andrea Harari in Marylebone Journal


Andrea Harari in Marylebone Journal


The director of jaggedart describes her perfect day in Marylebone

I’m not a huge breakfast person, but if it is a Sunday and we have time we go to Coco Momo, because they take dogs. I have a Tibetan terrier called Cramer. You might have seen him—he always sits in the window like a piece of art. I might have half a full English, or scrambled eggs and smoked salmon perhaps.
It is simple there, but good.

A spot of fresh air
I don’t live far away so, if the weather permits, I am lucky enough to be able to cross Regent’s Park with Cramer before coming to the gallery. It’s nice in all seasons. I often take him to Paddington Street Gardens too, as I like seeing how the flowers change over the year.

A new outfit
I always love The White Company for everyday wear: it is timeless, classical and has a lovely quality. You feel pampered just wearing it. I also tend to wear neutral colours a lot, so it suits me. I do always pop into Cancer Research, however—you never know what you might find, so you need to drop by regularly.

Coffee break
I have a lot of coffee in the gallery, but I do like to go out for tea. I love having tea in Durrants Hotel. They have this small room with a fireplace and four tables and you can sit with the silverware and porcelain. Time stops in Durrants. In fact, for our jaggedart Christmas party, instead of doing drinks, we do tea.

I actually go to the library. It’s only round the corner and we need to support them so they don’t disappear. They do DVDs, activities with children, talks—all sorts of different things, so when I am on a walk with Cramer I often pop in.

Well, I always go to jaggedart. That’s a good art gallery! But if I am zooming round in the day and fancy something cultural, I pop into the Wallace Collection; it has such beautiful paintings and sculptures.

Pre-dinner drinks
The Chiltern Firehouse is quite fun for drinks and Pachamama too, though I don’t really do cocktails. I like the idea of them but I never have them. I am conventional when it comes to drink—a glass of win or champagne or prosecco suits me.

Eating out
Around here it is so very difficult; there are so many choices. We’re spoilt. My husband’s favourite is Woodlands on Marylebone Lane, so we go there a lot. They do amazing Indian food—not your conventional Indian, it is tapas style and fabulous. The other place I love is Zoom—nice food, quiet, relaxing atmosphere and the woman who runs it is lovely, which always makes a difference.

Staying in
First port of call is Waitrose. They help me out a lot with drinks and nibbles for my gallery events, and they are lovely so I feel at home when I go in there. If I need cheese, then of course it is La Fromagerie.

Anything else?
The only thing missing is a theatre, a place with more talks and performance? That’d be nice. Otherwise I think Marylebone is quite perfect. It is a village, yet it has almost everything.