Almost White

Almost White

4 November - 27 November 2010

Francisca Prieto, Lucy Bainbridge, Rachel Shaw Ashton

We are delighted to present Almost White at jaggedart; a sophisticated exhibition of subtle but inspiring works which include embossed prints, intricate origami and cut out works on paper.

All three of these London based artists have a strong understanding and natural affinity with their respective media. They all use paper in their work, but with widely differing approaches and outcomes. While the pieces are tonally soft and, as the titles suggests, in almost white hues, each evocative work possesses strength and an enduring elegance.

Lucy Bainbridge’s new series of screen prints explore the quiet temporal effect of light on the capital’s cityscape. Photographs are taken of London at different times during dawn and dusk, as the light changes most. By bringing these momentary glimpses into focus, there is a feeling that one can pause the instantaneous nature of city life. Lucy removes detail and definition from her photographs. The cityscapes reflected within architectural structu