Exchanging Space

Exchanging Space

15 September - 25 September 2010

David Teager, Duncan Newberry, Jessica Temple, Mikhak Mirmahoudi, Portman, Rachel Clewlow, Robbie Hudson, Tom Henderson

Once again we are delighted to offer a curatorial opportunity to Jessica Temple with an exhibition that explores space in relation to scale, dimension, categorization, movement and imagination.

Exchanging Space creates a dialogue between the works and raises the ideas of depth, dimension and distance. The title is taken from Grammers of Creation, by George Steiner, which discuses the difference between 'creation' and 'invention.'

All of the artists in Exchanging Space graduated from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne between 1998 and 2010.

Rachel Clewlow's paintings chart her journeys. Utterly meticulous, Rachael records every journey she makes, location, distance traveled, time spent. Through her innovative cartographic approach, these maps beautifully show the times and spaces where she has spent time and traveled. Untitled (London) records her journeys through coloured targets, in and through London, including visits to jaggedart.

Tom Henderson's pieces bridge the space between painting and sculpture. These three dimensional works are a progression from his solo exhibition Plane Space, at jaggedart in 2009. Made of perspex, aluminum, res