2 September - 17 September 2011

Bryony Bainbridge, Charlotte Squire, Katherine Jones, Nick Kennedy, Rachael Clewlow, Thurle Wright

jaggedart is delighted to offer again an opportunity to young curators to curate an exhibition at the gallery during September. This year Filipa Ferreira Mendes and Jessica Temple have been invited to curate Journeys, marking the third year of exhibitions by young guest curators.

From reconstituted and re-presented maps, photographic discoveries and documentations, the journey of an object transformed and a pencil traveling over a page, this exhibition travels between different mediums and different ideas in its response to the exploration of journeys.

Bryony Bainbridge's digital and analogue photographs document her time living in Brataslava and Newcastle. Her black and white photographs combine a unique eye for detail, as the moments and events around her are captured. From a wide range of subjects, the images in this exhibition have been selected for their direct or indirect depictions of journeys; Rain streams past a moving window, like a pencil drawing running across a page. Bryony’s photographs invite the viewer to re-engage with the world around them in order to refresh the conscious experience. Her photographs hold an instant, made timeless.

Rachael Clewlow's records journeys and presents us with this accumulated data. Through rigorous and dedicated, almost ritualistic daily recording, she maintains statistical diaries, which provide a detailed record of her movements and whereabouts at specific points in time. From this, Rachael produces intricate drawings and paintings. Ideas about mapping and the presentation of data are transformed to display sets of pictorial information. Through her style of presentation she renders the maps difficult to read; they become useless as functioning objects and become contradictions. The use of subtle line and colour draws the viewer close to scrutinise the work, giving importance to surface, materials, detail and a high level of finish.

Nick Kennedy's drawings are immediate and involve the use of systems or devices to disrupt or interfere with his control over the process of making. Nick explores the notions of chance, order and control. Using a spinning top, Nick