Tales and Traces | Tom Hammick | Katie Mawson

Tales and Traces | Tom Hammick | Katie Mawson

5 July - 4 August 2023

Tom Hammick | Katie Mawson

A frozen moment of a story, a story contained in time

Tom Hammick often combines figurative imagery with landscape. One can never be sure whether his landscapes and scenes are real or imagined; they are always atmospheric and evocative, frozen in time as an event that has just happened or a story about to unfold. Tom works as a printmaker and painter simultaneously, and there are aspects of his distinctive painting style and technique which are evident in his prints.

Over the past couple of years Katie Mawson has been collecting vintage cloth bound books from local charity shops. She uses the cloth from these books as both her palette and canvas. The array of colours is infinite, many of them faded and marked through time...they all have a former life and contained a story. She slices, cuts, rips and skins these beautifully marked and faded cloths from their boards; this is all part of the making process...deconstructing to then reconstruct into something new.